Friday, October 22, 2010

More Information on the Expansion Draft

MLS has released a little more news about how the expansion draft is going to work late next month.

We already knew the basics, that MLS teams would be able to protect only 11 players, that Generation Adidas and homegrown players will be exempt from selection and therefore don't need to be protected.  Here are a couple more rules that will be important for how clubs select their 11 protected players.

-If club has a player selected, it can move one more player to the protected list.

-DPs can be left unprotected in the expansion draft, unless he has a no-trade clause in his contract. In that case, he must be protected.

-If a player has a contract option, the team can protect him without exercising the option.

-If Portland or Vancouver selects a developmental player, they must offer him a senior roster slot.

So there we go, a little more information about the process we'll be very familiar with in four weeks time.

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