Monday, August 9, 2010

A little about this blog

Before we get to the whole "me posting" part, here's a little background on what you can expect from This American Pitch.

I hope that over the next few weeks and months this will become a regular stop for you to get commentary on everything relating to American soccer. This means MLS (a lot of MLS actually), Americans playing overseas, US National Teams at all levels, and anything else I feel like talking about at the time. I'll toss out plenty of random statistics, talk about young players I really like, and hopefully get to interact with you guys in the comments section.

There are only two things I hope you'll get from this site (and if you don't, yell at me in the comments):
  • Intelligent, well-explained commentary
  • Amusement
That's all. Please let me know if I'm missing one of the two.

As for me, I grew up on the southside of Atlanta, never playing a ton of soccer even though plenty of teams around me were very good. Now I live in Decatur (as in "College Park, East Point and Decatur they got my back" and "This is for Decatur, what's up, Bobby Ray") and still somehow found it in me to support a league that doesn't have a team within 600 miles. This is my outlet for that passion now.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I am very excited about this blog, there is a lack of quality MLS blogs.