Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Portland Timbers hire a coach

The Portland Timbers introduced Houston Dynamo assistant John Spencer as their head coach for next year's inaugural season. Prior to his beginning his coaching career with Houston, Spencer played with Rangers, Chelsea, Everton, and Colorado Rapids among others, also collecting 14 caps for his native Scotland.

Houston's been a very good team with him as the second in command, so he'll be expected to perform well right out of the gate.  I can't find any information about this, but if he had a big hand in the talent evaluation for the MLS Superdraft then he's got a very good chance of meeting expectations based on Houston's drafts since 2006.

1.08 - Patrick Ianni
3.32 - Andre Schmid
4.44 - Mike Chabala

1.13 - John Michael Hayden
2.26 - Corey Ashe
3.39 - Mike Sambursky
4.52 - Eric Ebert

3.42 - Geoff Cameron
4.56 - Jeremy Barlow

3.41 - Danny Cruz
4.56 - Marcus Tracy

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