Thursday, August 12, 2010

Should Philadelphia change their style of play?

Philadelphia got another point last night in a 1-1 draw against a Real Salt Lake team that was resting some key players in anticipation of a game this weekend against Columbus and their first CONCACAF Champions League game next Wednesday. However, the big question is "why didn't they get three?"

Philly was dominating the game in the first half, really taking the action to the defending champions. They kept their foot on the pedal after going up 1-0 and that, combined with a terrible individual mistake by Juan Gonzalez (not that one, but that would be awesome) cost them a goal that ended the scoring.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, either playing for an extra goal lead and giving up a tying goal or playing for the win instead of a draw and ending up with a loss. So now I have to wonder if their tendency to keep pressing forward is a positive or a negative. For one, it provides a very entertaining (although frustrating when it works out like this) style of play for the fans. It also helps the team grow I think, and could serve them well when they mature a little and are down a goal, pressing to get one back since that's already in their style of play.

However, it's obviously costing them goals and points right now. You have to wonder what kind of effect that's going to have mentally on such a young team. Losing points sucks and you have to hope that Piotr Nowak is able to keep his teams' heads on straight as they go through this learning process.

On a side note, MORE MWANGA!!! Danny Mwanga was in full-on beast mode last night. That kid is sick. Like, who-do-we-have-to-pay-off-in-the-government-to-make-sure-he's-American-and-not-Congolese sick. 6 goals in 734 minutes as a 19 year old? Sign. This. Man. Up.

Here are last night's highlights for you:

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